Help! My Email Signature is Too Long!

With my ebook, "The Groom's Cake", scheduled for release on June 19th, I'm naturally focused on marketing and publicity.

One of the first steps I've seen listed in several marketing books is to use your email signature to provide links to your website, etc. It's the etc. that I'm worried about.

I blog on a group blog, Writers in Residence. It's fairly established and has a history, so that should be the blog I show in my signature, right? What about A Writer's Jumble? It's new, there's not much content yet, but it is my own. The other writers in my group might decide to become hair dressers, and then where will I be?

I'll list them both.

It goes without saying that I should list my website.

Should I include a link to the "books coming soon" page at Keith Publications to promote the ebook?

I'm up to four links now. Here's what my signature looks like.


Jacqueline Vick

At the insurance agency where I used to work, there was an agent who had many designations. She earned them all and should be proud of them. However, every time I saw her signature on correspondance, I laughed. She had no less than six designations listed after her name. It became a running joke. I don't want to be a joke.

I've decided to limit the links in my signature to my website. From there, anyone can get to my blog. They can also see that my ebook is coming out and click on the link to the publisher's site. (Once I get it set up.)

It's neat and clean, and it won't overwhelm the recipient.

I will have to figure out how to incorporate both of my blogs into my various profiles. I set them up under different emails. But that's for another post.


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