Marketing for Monday - Profiles

I really pushed it. It's 8:48 PM and I finally did my marketing step for the day, mainly because I wanted to to got bed, and I promised I wouldn't until I had done ONE thing to market myself.

You may consider I cheated, but I updated my blogger profile.

Think about it. If you're lucky enough to get people to come to your site intentionally, or even to trip over it, wouldn't it be great if the most recent thing listed on your profile wasn't your 1983 Editing Award for the high school newspaper?

People need to know that you're relevant now.

I looked at my profile and noticed I hadn't mentioned my upcoming ebook, "The Groom's Cake". How is anyone supposed to know about it unless I tell them? It's nice to imagine that thousands are Googling my name, hoping to find little nuggets I forgot to mention, but I doubt it.

Another thing I did today was promise to write the copy for my church's cookbook. Who cares? All of those lovely women who will talk about how I'm writing the copy, especially if it's uplifting, clever, and hopefully humorous. Every time my name gets mentioned in relation to writing, there's the possibility that someone might buy one of my books and, dare I hope, become a fan of my writing.

And I get to feel good about helping out a worthwhile fundraiser. Good karma never hurt anyone!

So what profiles do you have that you could use to your marketing advantage? Your Facebook profile? Blogger profile? Web site profile? Did I forget anything? Let me know.


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