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Friday, June 11, 2010

Now is NOT the Time to be Shy!

I recently went to Facebook and saw an advertisement on the page border that caught my eye. I've since learned never to click on these ads from a friend who spent days getting rid of some virus or other after doing just that. But I was young and naive and lucky.

This ad was for a book--"Royce O'Rourke - Realtor!" The book description sounded delicious. The plot included a Million Dollar Brotherhood, a Catholic Priest, and Zombies--my kind of humor! It's available on Kindle if you're interested.

I really wanted to interview author Robert E. Eltzholtz for my blog and find out more about advertising online as he did and if it worked for him.

I clicked on his name on Amazon. No contact information.

I went to the web site. No contact information.

I found him on Facebook. No contact information.

Not only that, but he didn't have author bio information posted anywhere! So nobody knows anything about Robert, the author.

Ironically, on his Facebook page, Robert wondered why no one had contacted him.

I didn't have time to keep searching LinkedIn which would have meant finding my password, and I really believe that a lot of people wouldn't have made as much effort as I did.

I'll still check out the book because I'm curious, but Robert just missed some free publicity and another opportunity to show up on Google searches.

If you're shy about releasing information on the web, make up a funny bio. Go to hotmail and set up an account that is specifically for strangers to contact you about your book.

If anyone out there knows Robert, put him in touch with me. I can be reached at jacquelinevick@hotmail.com .


  1. I know Robert!!! He'll be in touch with you shortly.