"New" Authors Galore!!! Cozies

I love finding "new" authors, especially those who are on their way up the ladder. These people have just as much reason to be household names as Evanovitch and Fluke.

The next time you want a good read, bypass your routine and try out a new author!

There are so many on my list that I've decided to divide them by sub-genre. Today's authors are those frolicking, fun cozy writers--authors who can tell a good story and make you laugh at the same time.

Hannah Dennison

Dennison's slueth is cub reporter Vicky Hill. Daughter of the notorious "Fog",Vicky decided to remain in England and pursue her life's passion--reporting--while her parents went on the lam in Spain. She's on the lookout for the scoop that will catapault her into fame. The only problem is, Vicky has really bad instincts when it comes to crime. She does recognize a crime has been committed before others are aware of foul play, so she gets credit there. However, reading Vicky is like watching one of those scary movies where the ingenue doesn't notice the killer in the closet. You love screaming "Look out!"

These are light and funny stories with a touch of heartbreak. After all, she has had to cut ties with her mother and father and she misses them terribly. She also has to guard the secret of her identity, which makes for some hair-rasing subplots. And Dennison is smart enough to let Vicky grow, and we feel for her as she discovers some not-so-nice facts about her father.

In each story, Dennison includes an unusual English pasttime--from snail racing to hedge jumping.

The books, in order, are "Scoop!", "Expose!", and "A Vicky Hill Exclusive!", with "Thieves!" coming out in January of 2011. A lot of fun!

Kate Carlisle

Book restorer Brooklyn Wainright is my kind of gal. She's funny, self-depreciating, and  loves her wine. She's also being pursued by hunky British security consultant Derek Stone. It's worth the price of admission just to read about Brooklyn's zany family. (And hunky Derek Stone. Did I mention him?). She grew up on a commune led by Guru Bob and her parents are laid back hippies who now run a winery.

Carlisle also writes romances, and you can tell by the deft way she mixes sex with humor. (Nothing graphic. You could lend this to your grandmother without blushing!) Each story includes fascinating tidbits about book restoration and revolves around a book with an ominous history--a cursed edition of "Foust" in the first novel.

The novels, in order, are "Homicide in Hardcover", "If Books Could Kill", with "The Lies That Bind" coming out November 2010. Don't forget to check out Kate's romance "The Millionaire Meets His Match". I've read an excerpt and Kate's signature humor is there.

Laura Levine

You can tell that author Laura Levine was a comedy writer on such greats as Laverne & Shirly and the Bob Newhart Show. She has great comedic timing.

Her slueth Jaine Austin is a copywriter. She'll work for anyone. (Her most famous ditty involved toilet flushes.) Jaine's clients have a habit of getting murdered or, alternately, being accused of murder. On the peripheral of the good life, Jaine is the outsider looking in on the wealth and beauty of Los Angeles. It's easy to relate to a woman with a Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey habit and a lack of fashion sense that leaves her dressed in a Coco Puffs t-shirt.

She takes the un-bloodied deaths of a cozy mysteries three step beyond genteel--electrocutoin by hair dryer and deadly plunge from a balcony during pretentios Romeo & Juliet wedding vows to name two. I dare you not to laugh.

Her string of novels stars with "This Pen for Hire and runs through "Death of a Trophy Wife". In October 2010, "Gingerbread Cookie Murder" comes out and also includes authors Joanna Fluke and Leslie Meier.

 You can find these books in your local independant bookstore or order them online.


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