Sweet Relief! The Ebook is Out!

Wicked Ink Press has launched my ebook novella, "The Groom's Cake"!

It's very cool! Though mine is a humorous romantic farce, the other covers on offer are quite sexy!

What did it take to get an ebook out?

Well, first I submitted, naturally. Then they accepted. I haven't been through the process with a print publisher, but I'm assuming it's pretty similar, except I bet I got more involved than I would have in print.

Their wonderful art director, Delilah K. Stephans, contacted me and asked for ideas on what I'd like the cover to look like. I stressed the humor, and she came up with a perfect fit!

Editor Hollie Domiano worked through it line by line to make sure the wording was perfect.

And publisher Mary Keith made sure it wound up where it was supposed to be, online at Wicked Ink Press!

I am really pleased at the price--$1.50. I worried about how much a publisher would charge for an ebook, but these are obviously industry pros, since they didn't charge a lot.

Now it's on to marketing. I already talked about scheduling appearances on blogs, and as I try other avenues, I'll let you know how they turn out!


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