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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Better Love That Web Site Address

When I started my first website--a children's site--I went with the inexpensive option through Homestead. It was a nice little site that served my purposes.

When I decided to go pro, I had the web master transfer the content from the children's web site and make it a separate page on jacquelinevick.com. Then I cancelled the Homestead account.

This wouldn't be a problem, except my book, Logical Larry, refers readers to logicallarry.homestead.com, a place that no longer exists. I also have a thousand bookmarks that reference the same web site. Ouch!

When I called Homestead, I learned that I couldn't buy a homestead domain name without a homestead web site. That means the cost of the domain name plus $4.95 per month. $4.95 times 12 rounded off is $60--all to keep the bookmarks I ordered with a bad domain name, if I can get rid of them in one year. But why would I do that? I would just be circulating bad information.

As authors, we hope for long term careers. That means long-term thinking before we act, which is difficult for impulsive people like me.

My current web site is jacquelinevick.com. I don't see my name changing any time soon, so I think I'm safe with that. If I had it to do over again, I would start with the broadest web address I could think of, one without domain names like Homestead included, one with my name. A lesson learned.

Anyone want a pristine, never-been-used bookmark?

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