Review of "Liar Liar"

Cat DeLuca’s cheating ex-husband did give her one thing--the experience necessary to run the Pants on Fire Detective Agency. Using the skills she honed tracking her wandering ex, Cat makes a living exposing philandering spouses.

Her latest client is Mrs. Chance Savino. Odd that when the husband manages to corner Cat he claims that he’s not married. Odder still when a building explodes just as he walks inside. Cat is caught in the blast and winds up in the hospital with minor injuries, though everyone assumes she has a major concussion when she claims to have seen the dead man walking around.

Then Mrs. Savino turns up dead. Only she’s not really Mrs. Savino. She’s a reporter who was working a story that got too hot. Did the story involve Chance Savino? If only Cat can catch up with the allegedly dead man, she might get some answers. But first she has to avoid a family intervention, the protective arm of the Chicago police department--populated by many of her male relatives--and a few attempts on her own life.

Liar Liar will have you laughing from beginning to end. Cat DeLuca is an engaging character who is refreshingly free of bitter cynicism. It's hard not to fall in love with her family. The second book in the series is Sticks and Stones and will be released in August, 2011. I’ll be the first in line.


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