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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Interview with author Sylvia L. Ramsey, Who Gives ALL Her Profits To...

Sylvia La Von Ramsey teaches Public Speaking at the Georgia Military Community College in Augusta, GA. She is an Associate professor of Speech Communications and coordinator of the Academic Resource Center on campus.

She was the 2005 White House Communications guest speaker for their observance of Women’s History Month, and was one of the first DJ’s on KWOC in Missouri in the 1970’s.

She was nominated for the 41st. Annual Georgia Author of the Year Award for her book of poetry, Pulse Points of a Woman’s World.

Recently, on the Murder Must Advertise list, Karen Syed of Echelon Press threw down the gauntlet when she said that many writers won't take the time to blog. I mentioned that I interview authors, and that the advantages are many. Three industrious writers contacted me within minutes after I hit the send button on my post.

Some people are rolling their eyes and thinking, "I would never be that pushy." Those people are also not in my blog lineup! I believe in jumping on opportunities right away if for no other reason than my aged mind will forget about them. Really, I think the attitude comes from my years in insurance. Anything I could deal with right away meant one less thing to clutter my desk!

My first author was the quickest to respond. I was intrigued by Sylvia L. Ramsey because ALL of her proceeds go to charity. But I'll let Sylvia tell you in her own words:

Sylvia, tell us first how you got into writing.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I began writing news and feature articles for a small town newspaper in Southeast Missouri at the age of nine. Because of the nurturing and encouragement by the news editor, I developed a love and a need to write. By the time I was working on my graduate degree, several of my poems, short stories and feature articles had been published. Since that time, over one hundred of my short stories and poems have found their way into literary magazines. I have been a featured poet in several literary journals over the years.

Why give all of your profits away?

Many may wonder why I am so adamant in my support of bladder cancer awareness. I think it is because I remember only, too, well how badly I needed to talk to someone about it, and to find information that would help me understand what was happening to me. However, when I was diagnosed there were none of these things available. I had great medical care, but there was no informative or emotional support. I decided to try to change this if I could. Since that time, things have changed some but not nearly enough. My quest has only just begun. That is why the sales of my books are given to the American Bladder Cancer Society.

Is your charity work what motivates you to write?

It was only natural that my love of writing took on another purpose after I had been diagnosed with Stage T3 bladder cancer. I suddenly realized that there was a big void in information, awareness and support. Somehow, I had to do my share to change this situation because it is ranked as the 5th most prevalent, ranked 4th. in men, and as prevalent in women as cervical cancer, but deadlier.

My books writing and my books became a way for me to make a difference.

You write in several genres. Tell us about your books.

My first book, Pulse Points of a Woman’s World, is a walk through life. It is divided into four sections which are: Pulse Points of Youth, Pulse Points of Love, Pulse Points of Reality and Pulse Points of Wisdom.

My novel, An Underground Jewell is set in a possible near-future, and is about a female sleuth who must clear herself after being accused of espionage by hacking into the national computer system.

And what's your latest book?

My newest book, Merchild Land, was inspired by my first granddaughter who insisted that I tell her numerous stories about mermaids.

Thank you so much for being with us today. You can read more about Sylvia, her books, and her mission on her web site.

You can also visit her at Author's Den.
Finally, her books are available at Amazon and as both paperback and Kindle editions and at Barnes and Noble.

Thank you, Sylvia, and good writing!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the great post Jackie.
    Sylvia you book on the pulsepoints sounds very intriguing. I love how you divided it up. It reflects the points in my life. I'm currently in reality and need wisdom so very badly. Teenagers. Need I say more!
    W.S. Gager