All the Variety I Could Hope For!

Last week, I was in a quandary. As representatives of my blog, how in depth should I screen my guest bloggers? Do they have to agree with my point of view on controversial subjects? Am I furthering the forces of evil if I have on an extremist of any political party? If I'm sceptical of global warming, should I avoid "green" authors? Keeping in mind that I would never allow a member of the Westboro Baptist Church near my site, how do I hang on to my character without living in a hermetically sealed bubble????

I sent out a guest blogging invitation to the first 10 writers to respond to my post. The only subject limits were "No porn. No Politics."  The rest was up to fate.

Three people who dropped by to say hi didn't make the cut, but only because they are authors who have standing invitations--the fabulously talented author of several series, Marilyn Meredeth; the uber-queen of short stories, Kate Thornton; and the mistress of marketing and all things romantic, Jacquee.

What I wound up with was a wonderful variety of writers who cover genres from science fiction to real estate mysteries to erotic fiction with believable heroines. Cool!

I'm looking forward discovering new writers, and I hope you'll stick with me for their posts, which I'll announce once they are scheduled.


  1. Great idea, Jackie. Makes me wish I also had a blog site. Hmmm... I guess Writers In Residence is still alive, only hibernating, right?
    I am always so in awe of all your creativity, energy, humor and talent. Um... "where do you get your ideas...?" LOL


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