An Invitation to Guest Blog

Anyone who has read me under A Writer's Residence or even on this blog knows that I have a streak of the cheerleader in me. I love to promote other writers and books that I love.

A blog is a reflection of the person who writes it. Readers assume that if my blogs are humorous then I must be a funny gal. Or if I vent one day, people who catch that post will assume I'm cranky. So when it comes to picking a guest to blog, shouldn't that person's writing and opinions etc. be a reflection of me?

I'm not so sure. So I'm going to try an experiment.

The first 10 authors to comment on this page will receive a guest spot on my blog.

Are there limitations? Yes. No porn. No politics. No grossing me out. I reserve the right to refuse if it seems that we aren't a good fit.

Why 10? There are other blogs and author interviews I want to fit into the schedule. (I am so looking forward to interviewing J. Michael Orenduff on his new book!) This way I can sprinkle new authors into the mix.

We'll see if anyone responds.


  1. Well Jacqueline, I already know you're a romantic. And I've had the pleasure and honor of being in your 'Writers in Residence' spotlight. You asked marvelous questions for the interview. Thank you for being the passionate person you are, and for supporting other writers. Cheers to you!

  2. I'm here, Jacqueline, how could I not respond!


  3. Well, what's the point if you won't allow PORN... hmmm, I *might* still be able to dig something up. If you will do me the return favor and guest blog (it can be an old favorite) for ME.

  4. I'm here, too, and loving dogs, too. Our German Shepherd dogs, past and present, are in all my novels, and none ever gets hurt. I couldn't stand writing about such a thing.

    I blog, too, and would love to be a guest, and/or have you as a guest.


  5. As a newbie to mysteries but not to publishing or blogging, I wonder know about the direction of my blog. It often has little to do with books and writings. Called Judy's Stew, it's a mix of writing, cooking, and grandmothering. Am I off base? I'd like to explore that thoiught.

  6. I love to guest blog. Mostly because I like to go on and on about... uhm... anything. I'm happy to write on a topic of the host's choosing, and I'm happy to ramble off the top of my head. I've published romances, mysteries, soap opera tie-ins, non-fiction and now I'm branching out into enhanced books/multimedia. So, I can talk about lots of stuff. Hit me!

  7. I have watched in deep admiration as many of my fellow writers have found success with ebooks. As the author of nine traditionally published non-fiction books, I find myself wondering if I could achieve a comparable success. As I ponder over whether to submit my next book on managing chronic headaches to a traditional publisher or self publish with Amazon and B & N, I find myself comparing the pros and cons of each approach, and how being a non-fiction as opposed to a fiction writer could help or hurt my prospects. That's what I would blog about if given the opportunity.

    Patricia B. Smith
    Author of Sleep Disorders for Dummies, Alzheimers for Dummies and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wellness

  8. I think I made it! I have a novel coming out in May and would love to guest here sometime around then.

  9. Jackie, I'm up for guesting any time, but more importantly, I love reading your blog.

    I'd like to see topics by writers that mention their books, but focus on their other passions, like pets, services they perform or provide, cooking, exotic plants, methods of killing off bad guys, etc. I like the variety!


  10. I have a book coming out soon in Oak Tree Press's newly designated Wild Oaks line. My book is western suspense. Would your readers be interested in hearing the thoughts of a woman who writes about the west? I love reading blogs from the authors of some of my favorite books.

    Carol Crigger

  11. Dang! I think I'm commenter number eleven. That's what I get for living in California and getting up late today. I wanted to blog about being about the only person writing real estate mysteries.
    Nancy Lynn Jarvis

  12. Jacquee, Marilyn, and Kate, I don't want to hurt your feelings but you don't count as part of the first 10 (but only because you're already on my list of authors I want to interview!)

    Kate, I love your idea about having authors talk about the other passions in their lives. Thanks for the cool idea!

    Writing Goddess, Gerry, Judy, Alina, Patricia, Kaye, Carol and Nancy, (did I miss anybody?) you're all in. Thank you for volunteering for my experiment. (Evil laughter.) I'll contact you about dates and subjects as soon as possible. I have guests coming into town and a major copywriting assignment, so it might not be until after next week. I look forward to hearing what you have to say! What a fantastic, varied group!

  13. I just found your blog. It's a great idea, to invite guest bloggers! So I'd like to invite the first five who come to my site ( to guest blog -- I've just published my first collection of short stories on Smashwords, and am getting up to speed on this . My artist husband designed the cover, which I think is the right combo of mystery and the familiar. Have a peek at

    If you like it, let me know!

  14. A cool list of potential bloggers. Am waiting with bated breath for the first....


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