An Unnecessary Roadblock to Writer Fame and Glory

It never fails to amaze me how difficult writers sometimes make it to contact them. I suppose they could be wary of stalkers--or the same high school classmates they try to ignore on Facebook.

There are plenty of GOOD reasons to make contact info available: agents who've fallen in love with your blog and want to offer you a "Julie and Julia" style book deal, fans who want to praise your latest short story (and who doesn't welcome praise?). There's also me, the blogger, who wants to invite you to guest post.

I made an offer a few weeks ago. The first ten writers to comment on my post would be guest bloggers on A Writer's Jumble. People responded. Interesting people who I would love to talk to, promote, and otherwise fawn over. Here's the problem. I can't reach half of them!

Some had links to profiles that didn't include any kind of contact information. Some had links to blogs that didn't have--any kind of contact information. One had an email that required me to fill in a form before my message would go through. A slight pain, but I understand. I filled out the form and guess what? The program denied me access! I feel so slighted. I'd comfort myself with chocolate but it's a Lenton Friday and I'm Catholic.

I slap my email or website (which includes contact information) on everything I send or post. Call me an extrovert, but isn't that a basic step for writers who want to market themselves? It's a gentle "Here I am. Talk to me."

I would love it if those who commented on my post would send me an email. I thought everyone had interesting things to say based on the blogs and web sites I visited. For instance:

C., you sound like a fascinating woman. Playwright? Poet? Performer? Good golly! How do you do it all? How do you decide what to focus on? Such talent!

C., you lucky devil. You have a book coming out with Oak Tree Press. I LOVE Oak Tree Press! And you're part of a new line of Western Suspense. How cool is that?

G., You are involved in so many things! You write two blogs!! How do you do it? And are you ever embarrassed to write erotic fiction? I know I couldn't do it.


These are some of the fascinating questions you'll have answered if these people contact me!

(To be fair, I found one phone number, but I'm too shy to call someone I've never met unless I'm ordering a pizza.)

Seriously, I would love to find out more about all of you! I'll wait to hear from you, hoping that I do.


  1. That was really funny; and you're right about contacting bloggers. Some people who commented with their blogger profiles, when I tried to visit their blog, their blogger profiles do not even exist in the first place!
    So, I am with you on this topic...hehe, hmmmm, maybe I am not that easy to be contacted too...who knows :P
    Nice to meet you :D

  2. I've had this happen too. I really don't understand it--sure I suppose there will always be people who want things from you (to recommend them to your agent and other inappropriateness) when you're an author, but really, doesn't that come with the territory?

    Making yourself inaccessible means that the good sort of attention might not reach you either--people like yourself who want to promote you, schools wanting you to visit, writer's groups wanting to bring you in to speak, etc...

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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