An Ode to Writer Paranoia

It's finally up, it's finally out

After all this time, messing about

Too much input, too much fear
Inner critics grabbing my ear

Are the characters foolish? More silly than not?
Should I make Roxanne less bookish, more hot?

Is the cover okay? Are the colors too bright?
Should I put Vanessa in a life or death fight?

Maybe I'll take it off Smashwords and Kindle,
Add a talking dog--a bulldog, a brindle

Or kill off a favorite character or two
Give Deanna a problem--less cheerful, more blue

I'll drive myself nuts if I keep down this path
So I'll kill off my critic to avoid her wrath

It's not an earth-shattering event, after all
Like ending world hunger or the Berlin Wall's fall

Special Delivery is a story for pleasure
One that I hope that readers will treasure

Something to make them smile just a bit--
A result of my humor and stellar wit

The worry is over, I'm ready for glory
Until I get ready to post my next story.


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