Interview with Author Kaye George

Today we welcom mystery author, Kaye George. Her first comic novel is "Choke", starring Imogene Duckworthy. (Love that name!!) She also writes gritty short stories, and is an online mystery reviewer for Suspense Magazine. Her story, HANDBASKETS, DRAWERS, AND A KILLER COLD, was nominated for a 2010 Agatha award. It can be found in the collection, A PATCHWORK OF STORIES, available on Amazon and Smashwords as an ebook.

Welcome, Kaye!

What made you turn to writing comic mysteries?

Writing CHOKE was kind of my way of making lemonade out of lemons. We lived in an economically depressed area of Texas, near Wichita Falls, for three years in connection with my husband's job. The economic depression carried over sometimes to my mental state, so that was my lemon. However, the area was peopled with warm, friendly people, tough, resilient people. People who made their living ranching and cowboying. After we moved away, I realized that living there had been a gift. The area was a treasure trove waiting for me to mine it--my lemonade. I happened to be in the mood to write something funny, and this was a fit.

Was "Choke" a one time shot at comic mysteries?


I'm realizing that I could write at least several more books using the area and the characters I developed, so it's lemonade plus frosted cookies.

Humorous writing was a change for you, right?

 This book may come as a surprise to those who have read my short stories. They tend toward gritty, even venturing into horror. Don't ask me why, but the shorter I write, the darker the story turns out. If you're a fan of my short stories, I'll ask you to give this book a try, even though it's a departure into humor, maybe even slapstick.

You can find her many short story publishing credits here.

What other hobbies do you have?

My main hobby is music. I'm a classically trained violinist and love to compose and arrange, mostly for string quartet, but I've done one full orchestration at the request of a conductor.

That's not surprising, since people often write what they know. Kaye also has a mystery series involving musician/conductor Cressa Carraway. You can read the first chapter of these books as well as of "Choke" here. Choke is published by Mainly Murder Press.

Thank you, Kaye!  Make sure to visit Kaye's website .


  1. Thanks for having me, Jackie! I don't see comments, but I do see lots of hits on my webpage. Thanks for the chance to appear here!

  2. Kaye, what a talented woman you are! I didn't know you were a musician too. Choke seems to be a nice tribute to those people and those days near Wichita Falls. I love the cover. But get going with some of your dark, gritty novels. I'd love to read some.

  3. Thank you, Ellis! I haven't tried a dark, gritty novel, but who knows? Stay tuned--it may happen.

  4. Glad to have you, Kaye. And there are so many lurkers. It's nice to have comments, but the increased hits tells the story!

  5. I appreciate the nice job you did with the interview, Jackie, and the chance to appear here.


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