Interview with Gay Degani and an Offer to Vote for Best Short Story at FFC

Gay Degani is the Mistress of Short Stories. Seriously. If you have any doubts (and why would you ever doubt my word?) you can check out a list of her little darlings at Words in Place, her blog. Though now that I think about it, little darlings doesn't quite conjure up the proper image of her fiction, but "little jolts-of-emotion-that-will-knock-you-on-your-butt" seemed wordy.

She's also a former college English instructor and the editor of Flash Fiction Chronicles for Every Day Fiction.

The thing about Gay's stories is that you can't make it to the end of one without holding your breath. Again, seriously. When I read her collection,  Pomegranate Stories, I had to take one story at a time so that I didn't pass out. I can still remember the feeling I had at the end of  "Rimshot". I won't tell you more, because I would deprive you of the full experience, and that would be a crime.

Besides writing, Gay is also a talented artist. She painted the cover for "Pomegranate Stories". Isn't she good?

Gay decided to use her facetime on my blog to be generous to other writers. Here's what she had to say:

What are your favorite short stories online? Flash Fiction Chronicles, an online magazine devoted to Flash Fiction, is asking for readers to post links to favorite online short stories at FFC's Facebook page. In honor of Short Story Month, the editors want to know what pieces of fiction have turned you on, blown you away, made you laugh or cry. We originally hoped for 100 wonderful stories, but we have over 80 so far and we want to see how many we can garner by May 30 when we will post the links to all of the stories at the magazine site.

To participate, please visit FFC's Facebook page HERE and leave the title of your favorite story or two, the names of the authors and links to where they have appeared online. Links are important because we don't have time to search for them ourselves so please be sure and includes those.

You've find a list of stories already suggested here
For more information about Gay and her writing process, check out an interview she did with us at Writers in Residence.


  1. Great cover art! Good post!

    Jacqueline Seewald
    THE TRUTH SLEUTH--published May 18th by Five Star/Gale

  2. Thanks Jackie!! This is so much more than I expected. You are so kind and thoughtful! And your spot here is gorgeous!!

    One thing I wanted to say though, is I didn't PAINT the cover, but I photographed the poms and then photoshopped them. The cover design is mine. However I do paint, but mostly abstracts. Again thank you for featuring me and FFC's 100 Links to Short Stories Online in Honor of Short Story Month 2011!!

  3. Gay, I'm such an art nerd. I regularly call paintings "pictures"! Thanks for clarifying. The cover is georgeous, and from someone who can't get a complete head in a photograph, I'm impressed!


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