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Monday, July 18, 2011

3 Ways to Healthy? Eat Like My Dog

I make Buster's food. After the commercial dog food scares, I'm committed. (Grinding up euthanised dogs? Really?) That doesn't mean he doesn't get the occassionally crunchy goodness of kibble, but it's really good kibble from manufacturers I trust. And he gets bones. Lots of bones.

My husband has wandered into the kitchen while I've been making Buster's chow and asked me, "What's for dinner?" Yes, it's that good. Ground meat, veggies, grains...It could be a casserole.

I also treat him with fruit or dried chicken strips, and I've made him cookies from ground meat, oatmeal, rice flour, fruit and cheese.

It occurred to me that I worry more about Buster's food intake than I do my own. I never give him cupcakes or candy bars, and I drain the heck out of the ground beef when I use it. While my own butt expands, I'm watching his wasteline. Did you know doggies can get diabeties?

Here's a few adjustments I need to make to my own diet to match Busters.

1. Make it from scratch.

There will be days when I'm pressed for time and grab some processed box of something-or-other for dinner. But I promise myself (and the hubby, who would stand in the kitchen, helpless, if he had to cook his own meals) that I will endeavor to cook from scratch. That means make my own bread for sandwiches, buy cuts of meat to cook and shave for the sandwiches, make any treats from scratch etc.)

This isn't as hard as it sounds because I'm the luckies woman in the world. I have a bread machine. I have a meat slicer. I have the time.

2. Eat more fruit

Buster's after-walk treat is an apple with the core removed. He also loves watermelon, mango, and blueberries. I do love my snacks. While I'll never give up chocolate, I promise to first reach for the fruit bowl.

3. More grains and veggies than meat.

It may surprise you to know that you don't need to feed your dog that much protien unless he's a working dog or she's a lactating or pregnant female. Buster is neither. He also has colitis, which is a nasty thing that is easily cleared up with increased fiber in his diet.

I cut back on the meat in his dog food recipe and increased the veggies. Cured. I promise to balance my meals more towards grains and veggies than yummy, delicious, meat. (Can you tell I'm a devoted carnivore?)

There are more ways I could adjust my diet--eliminate any sugary snacks, give up my glass of wine at night--but I'll try the first few and let you know how it works. We do need our treats! After all, Buster does have his bones.


  1. I've had this thought many times, only sometimes in reverse - when I'm chastising hubby for feeding the dog things even we shouldn't eat.

    Bravo on making the connection. It all makes sense. But one question: did you make Buster give up his glass of wine, too?

  2. Poor Buster. I know people who give their dog beer around 4th of July to keep it calm, but they process food so differently than us that I would be afraid to. Ditto the wine! (More for me.)

  3. It's not always about the food you eat but how you eat it. Just like dogs, most of the time, dogs only eat during meal time and it keeps them healthy. They don't go out at night time just to buy burger or pizza, right? It's the lifestyle that we have to be watchful of.