Could My Creativity Save the Planet and My Checkbook?

Writers are creative people. There are all those articles about right brain versus left brain, and since I suspect that only half my brain is in use at any one time (and I'm not good at math), I'm hoping that the creative side is hard at work.

I recently decided that creativity might be the answer to a tightening budget and waster's remorse. Every time I toss a rotten head of cabbage, I think of starving families in China who, with just the right combination of spices, could have stretched that crucifer into ten meals.

And why, when I look in my pantry, can't I find anything good to eat? I do all of the grocery shopping. ALL of it. How did I manage to buy so many things I don't like or know what to do with?

A desire to tighten the budget combined with a sermon by Father Mike about waste have inspired me to a new challenge. I'm going to utilize everything in my pantry, freezer, and icebox with a bare minimum of shopping for ancillary items.

Craving a candy bar? I'll find a recipe online that uses that half a bag of walnuts, the scrapings from a jar of peanut butter, and baking chocolate. Milk, eggs, butter and dog food supplies are the exception, and if I run completely out of fruits or veggies, I'm allowed to resupply. Sound fair?

There will be less waste and less garbage going to the dump, so it's good for the planet, too.

I WILL have to overcome a fear of dwindling supplies, since I'm certain that the minute I use the last olive The Big One will come and I'll be forced to eat toothpaste. So be it.

I'm making a one week commitment to see how things go. I know one week isn't that long, but if creativity doesn't extend to my cooking, then one week will seem an eternity.


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