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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Ode to Jerky Pet Parents

Please don’t make me mace your dog

He will not like the yucky fog

I know he’s so well trained and all

Perhaps he didn’t hear you call?

My own dog’s leashed, it is the law

The park sign spells it out, I saw

An ordinance to protect me

From dogs like yours, running free

You say he’s friendly, but I wonder

His teeth are bared, his growl like thunder

He’s getting closer, in my space

There goes the lid from my can of mace

We’ve been attacked three times before,

By saintly dogs (the owners swore)

Dogs so pure they’d never bite

Except for this one little fight

I must protect my dog and I

I must let doggie mace spray fly

I wish you loved your puppy dog

Enough to save him from the fog


  1. That sounds like our neighborhood. There always seem to be dogs running loose . . . and one of them attacked someone down the street.

  2. Isn't it just the pits? And if your dog doesn't respond after the first call, he's not trained and shouldn't be off-leash--for his protection as well. Grrr.