Start the New Years Off Right with New Authors

Before Christmas, I offered a list of fabulous writers I've discovered in the past year or two. I couldn't put them all on one list, so here are some more suggestions for 2012! I guarantee you I'll have more lists throughout the year because, as I've discovered, there are some fantastic writers out there!

J. Michael Orenduff - The Pot Thief Mysteries are a pleasure to read. Protagonist Hubie Schuze is the kind of guy you can spend time with without checking your watch. The books are filled with clever dialogue, romance, mystery, and philosophizing. Alburquerque makes a beautiful setting, and the author is coming out with a cookbook of Southwest dishes like the ones Hubie whips up in the books. Each book revolves around a theory, and past stories have included scientific and culinary tidbits that leave you feeling smarter when you're finished with the book. I'll be first in line for the cookbook!

Mark Schweizer - The Liturgical Mysteries are a riot, plain and simple. Hayden Konig is both St. Germaine's police chief and the organist for St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. Sometimes his duties overlap. It's hard to figure out which is more hysterical--the goings on at the church or the murder itself. A huge fan of Raymond Chandler, Konig hopes to write his own detective novel, each book contains a novel within a novel--an outragiously poor piece of prose. I dare you to read it with a straight face.

L.C. Tyler  Cross the pond to meet up with third-rate mystery writer Ethelred Tressidor and his diamond-in-the-rough Elsie Thirkettle as they stumble through murder investigations. You'll have to hang onto your sides as you giggle your way through their antics. Mean CAN be funny, especially when it's coming from Elsie. I'm so excited to find that there's a new book out, Herring on the Nile. I can't wait!

Diana Dempsey - Who wouldn't like a mystery called Ms. America and the Offing in Oahu? I did! Not only did I enjoy the laughs, but I felt like putting on a little makeup and a nice outfit by the time I finished. A great vacation read because the environment and vicarious pampering will relax you!

I'll stop there, except to give you a couple of quick links to other authors I've enjoyed.

G.M. Malliet  Ms. Malliet writes the St. Just mysteries. I've tried her new series, but I like St. Just best. Lots of humor, and the investigation reminds me of a good, old-fashioned British cozy.

Linda O. Johnston  Take your pick. She has several series including her new Pet Rescue books. Others are the Pet Sitter Mysteries and paranormal romances. A book for any mood!

Dorothy Howell - Haley Randolph is a protagonist that you love to hate. Sometimes you wonder why she's not the victim.

Gwen Freeman - Fifi Cutter will have you laughing over her snarky observations, mostly because you'll agree with her!

I hope you enjoy the authors I've listed. I love them all! Happy New Year!


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