Author F.M. Meredith Gives a Minor Character Top Billing

F.M. Meredith, also known as Marilyn Meredith, is the author of over thirty published novels—and a few that will never see print. Her latest in the Rocky Bluff P.D. crime series, from Oak Tree Press, is No Bells. Rocky Bluff P.D. is a fictional beach community between Ventura and Santa Barbara and F. M. once lived in a similar beach area.

F. M. (Marilyn) is a member of EPIC, Four chapters of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and serves as the program chair for the Public Safety Writers of America’s writing conference. She’s been an instructor at many writing conferences.

I'm almost giddy about this guest blog. Why? Because I LOVE Gordon Butler! He's the kind of sympathetic character who makes you want to pick him up and kiss his boo-boos. It's a girl thing. And he's often unintentionally funny. Haven't we all been there? Just see if you don't love him by the end of the post. And don't forget to read all the way to the bottom, because there's a chance to win big!

Who is Officer Gordon Butler?

Gordon started out as a minor character in one of my earlier Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novels, Fringe Benefits, which was mainly a story about a very bad cop. In that one and subsequent others, things have not gone well for Gordon.

Being a police officer is all that Gordon ever wanted to do. He knows the law better than anyone on the force. His biggest joy is catching a criminal—or any law breaker for that matter. He hands out traffic tickets gleefully and seldom gives anyone a break.

He is not a buffoon, though if something can go wrong for him, it will. Gordon once had a crush on Officer Stacey Wilbur. His feelings were not returned and it didn’t take him long to realize his competition was Detective Doug Milligan.

Not only is Doug a good friend, he rented a room from him until Stacey and Doug were married. Unable to find other lodgings, he’s now residing with Stacey’s parents which he plans on being a temporary situation.

Gordon has fallen for a lovely redhead he gave a speeding ticket to even though her emerald green eyes mesmerized him. The budding romance gets complicated when his new love turns out to be the major suspect in a murder case.

Of course Detectives Doug Milligan and his partner Frank Marshall’s investigation of the murder plays a major role in the story. What Gordon does about his dilemma is the underlying plot of No Bells.

My readers can’t get enough of Gordon and keep telling me they hope things are going to be better for him in this book. They will have to read No Bells and find out for themselves.

No Bells Blurb:

Officer Gordon Butler has finally found the love he’s been seeking for a long time, but there’s one big problem; she’s the major suspect in a murder case.

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  1. I for one cannot wait to read Marilyn's latest. I love Gordon, and I love that he's going to be the focus of "No Bells"!

  2. I had so much trouble figuring out where I am supposed to be today, but finally, I'm here. Oh, my. I think I'm still tired from Left Coast Crime. Thank you so much, Jaqueline, for having me on your blog today.

  3. Thanks for sending me the link to correct blog post, it was worth the wait! I hope Gordon is finally able to find some happiness, I will have to read and see.

    I am following your posts and hope to win the books, you can reach me at :

    Have a great day,

  4. Gordon sounds like "Doc Martin" with a badge. You sure can't go wrong with a character who is good at what he does and is not a bad sort at that. I like a hero, even one who takes a pratfall every now and then.

  5. Maureen, I'm sorry I didn't have the right blog--who knows what was going on in my head when I did that. Thanks for being so faithful.

    You've got it right, GB, Gordon is a good guy, but things seldom go right with him.

  6. Trying to keep up with your blog tour. Always find your characters remind me of real life folks which makes reading more interesting. We are looking forward to many more stops along the way but need a hint how to follow along.

  7. Hi, Jake, thanks for taking time to comment. You can check out my own blog and it has all of them listed.

  8. I love Gordon, too! Can't wait to read... Some characters are just special.


  9. Hi, Madeline. Once Madeline almost rented a room to Gordon--well, at least she thought about it.

  10. I have to admit it. Gordon sounds like an interesting fellow. Your Dark Oak Mystery series sounds like a good read.


  11. You sure make Gordon sound intriguing.


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