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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Best Death Ever...Death by Chocolate with Author Julie Lindsey!

Julie Lindsey is a mother of three, wife to a sane person and Ring Master at the Lindsey Circus. Most days you'll find her online, amped up on caffeine & wielding a book.

You can find her blogging about the writer life at Musings from the Slush Pile
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 Who wouldn't, if given the choice, choose to die by a girl's second best friend? (Diamonds being the alleged first.) Read on and hear what Julie has to say about the potential criminal tendencies of sweet church ladies, and get a brief summary of "Death by Chocolate" at the end of the post. And now, I welcome Julie Lindsey and her guest post.

I Enjoy Irony

Thank you SO much, Jackie, for inviting me to your blog today.  I’m on the Death by Chocolate blog tour, which means irony is king! The lady in this novel killed her husband and she’s not feeling super awful about it. This novel came to be when an idea I got at church one day grew legs and took off. Dead serious.

I was watching these church ladies ladle chicken soup into Styrofoam containers. Everyone thanked them and hugged them and smiled. I sipped my soup and wondered what those ladies were like at home. What about when they took off their simple suits and took the pins from their hair? Did they light up a smoke and toss back a brandy? If they did, how would anyone ever know? What if one of them was a drug dealer? 

How cool would that be? (I mean of course totally not because drugs are back. Crack is whack. Just say no and things kids.) BUT those sweet little church ladies could really cause a lot of damage and get away with it. No one would suspect them and they know everyone.


Ruby Russell was born.

Ruby’s an emotional mess. Kind of bumbling. A nervous ninny. So, bless her heart everything she does goes – w.r.o.n.g. But what’s a best friend if she won’t help you cover a few murders? Am I right? So, there you go. Death by Chocolate was written ( I swapped the chicken soup for chocolate because no one can resist chocolate!) and now it’s here,  and I am a little bouncy.

If you’re in the mood to let loose and smile at the inconceivable, try my sweet ladies. But don’t try their goodies. You have been warned. LOL Death by Chocolate is available now on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. I hope it will make you smile : )

Death by Chocolate

Ruby Russell has reached her limit. When she discovers her hipster husband has a dirty little secret, she whips him up a Viagra-infused-chocolate mousse punishment, but in the morning, her husband's a stiff. Armed with a lifetime of crime show reruns and Arsenic and Old Lace on DVD, Ruby and her best friend Charlotte try to lay low until after Ruby's son's wedding, but a nosy therapist, meddling minister and local news reporter are making it very difficult to get away with murder.

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  1. Good "meeting" you Julie! The criminal tendencies of sweet church ladies is intriguing. Much success!