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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Two -- And Now for M.M. Gornell

It's time to move on to another great summer read, and it's a good one. LIES OF CONVENIENCE is the next book in the "Route 66" series by talented author M.M. Gornell.

Margot Madison-Cross receives one of those dreaded phone calls from her brother, Graham. After a life-threatening accident, he feels it's time to come clean about a family secret that involves his daughter, Camille, and he wants Margot to be the bearer of bad news. By the time Aunt Margot arrives at her final destination, Camille has bad news of her own. There's been a murder in the medical office where she works, and the doctor who is her partner at the clinic is a suspect.

As the title suggests, we lie for convenience, but the results are often disastrous.

From Margot's pristine penthouse on the Chicago shores of Lake Michigan to the unkempt Mojave Desert, location, as usual, plays a prominent character in Gornell's story. As the intrigue builds, the added unpredictability of dry winds and sand storms adds tension and discomfort to the plight of the characters.

As their paths intertwine, the tale takes some surprising turns, some of them prompted by intuition and others by undeniable facts. LIES is another absorbing intrusion into the lives of interesting characters who leave us wanting to know more, and by the end of the book, we feel a little sad that these lives will go on without us. Gornell is a master at making the reader feel as if they've stepped into the middle of living scenes, like when you walk into a room knowing there's been conversation and laughter before you got there.

Standalone mysteries aren't as popular with readers as series books, but LIES OF CONVENIENCE will change that perspective and have you running to the bookstore for Gornell's other mysteries.

Available as a paperback and on Kindle.


  1. Oh Jackie, so glad you enjoyed LOC. I did like jumping into Margot et al's lives. It warms my heart and swells my chest when I hear you've enjoyed what I've written! Your review is much appreciated, and what a wonderful way to start my day!


  2. Wow, Madeline, you're all over the place today! I hope readers will also stop by my blog to read "Getting to know Madeline Gornell."

    As you know, I loved "Reticence of Ravens." I've already added "Lies of Convenience" to my TBR list!

  3. Patricia, I'm in blog heaven--wonderful while it lasts! So glad you liked Reticence! Hugh is one of my favorite characters--actually, I like them all--even the supporting characters. Setting and characters are what motivate me. Thanks for stopping by here at Jackie's, very much appreciated.

  4. Sounds like an intriquing plot and I like the contract between the Chicago highrise and the Western desert. And I heard your book won second place for an award (I think that's correct). Congrats!

  5. Sally, so glad you stopped by. I remember meeting you at LCC, hope The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper is doing well! Yes, to my surprise and delight, Lies of Convenience won a 2nd place in the unpublished fiction category(entered it before it was published!) I was sooooo pleased and honored. Hope to see you down the road at another conference. Continued success!


  6. I savored this mystery. Had my attention from start to finish. Keep telling people if you have a chance get into a beautiful place and enjoy another stunner from this author.