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Monday, July 22, 2013

Will I Be Allowed to Cling to My Simple Life???

We live in the land of too-many-choices, and it's giving me a headache. I like things simple--hand written letters, bills paid by check, handmade gifts, and food made from scratch.

Sometimes, it feels as if there's a hand on my back trying to hurry me out the door...or push me under the bus. Where I'm hurrying to isn't quite clear. 

Every time I boot up my computer, I'm accosted by something called Genius. Or maybe it's called Sync Up. They seem to be in with the same gang.

My Outlook appearance changed last week; this week it's Gmail. Always something to catch up on.

I'm not sure how to log into my LinkedIn account, what to do with Twitter, and my Face Book friends have long ago accepted that I'm a techno-dweeb. I'm lucky if my links come out right.

And then, there's my web page. Gads!  I'm inundated by offers to experience deep humiliation add videos as a personal touch. The wonderful people at iPage keep telling me how simple they'll make my life, but I can't even make it through the various offers without screaming.

I understand writing is a profession. I remember how my dad would sit out on the porch at night and read through insurance journals, keeping up on industry trends. But really! This morning, I received no less than fifteen articles--all of them reputable--that ranged from writing nuts and bolts to marketing know-how. And it's only noon.

I go through my house on a regular basis, pulling items I haven't used to give them to charity. I simplify. Is there a way to simplify my writing life?  To keep me from following the man with the lollipops down the dark alley?  He keeps promising that this one trick will make my writing life easier.

From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Warfield Productions

How about you? Anyone else running into writer info overload? Have any tips to keep the rest of us sane?


  1. Jacqueline, I am right there with you; I spent hours every morning collecting files full of information from noted authors on promotion, formatting, marketing, website design, recommended editors, etc. and by the time I published my first book, two years later, most of the info was obsolete! I have no blinding insights to offer other than keeping track of what has worked for me (more files!) and leaving the rest to those less techno-challenged...and with a lot more time on their hands:)

    1. It does go obsolete awfully fast, doesn't it? That's how I console myself for not keeping up.

  2. From one Jacqueline to another: Yes indeed, the writing life grows ever more complex. One no longer merely writes but must keep up on all the social networking available. Publicity and promotion are left to the author. Hiring a PR firm is often unrealistic since their services cost much more than the average author will every earn.

    1. I like J.A. Konrath's advice (condensed): Just keep putting out books.

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