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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Week's Roundup of Great Blogs

There are so many great blogs out there, too many to keep up with.  My gift to you are the links to some of my favorites for the week, all in one place!  Let's get onto the roundup. Yee-ha!

Since authors are people, and people sometimes get their priorities skewed, here is "The Overachiever's Dilemma" from Steve Tobek.

Writer's need to budget too!  Daily Worth brings you "How to Create a Bust-Proof Budget".

If you want more money to budget with, read Carol Roth's "5 Tips for Boosting Your Bottom Line". (Contributed by Donna Saul)

Here's some great advice on getting things done, in "Get What You Want Part 2 - The Power of TNT" by Kristen Lamb.

And because we all need a laugh, here's Nothing Says "I'll Love You Forever" Like a Dead-Mother-in-Law Diamond." by Kristen Lamb.  (Yes, she is a favorite of mine.)