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Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm Not Dead. Really.

I've been caught up in a few projects, including getting the latest Frankie Chandler, Pet Psychic, novel out in both Kindle and Paperback formats, but I had no idea it had been so long!  June 2014 was the date of my last post.

Isn't it amazing how time flies?  And for all of you young 'uns out there,
it does seem to pick up speed the older you get. I think that's because as
we get older and wiser, we get braver. I could come up with a zillion
possibilities when I was in my early twenties, but only when I moved into middle-age did I stop listening to the naysayers and get bold enough to try them.

So, what's been going on?

I've been coordinating the resurrection of the group blog, Writers in Residence, for a group of lovely authors. That meant learning my way around some of the glitches of blogger. I haven't conquered them all yet.

I just finished Civility Rules, my Harlow Brothers mystery. It's now "resting". The hubby came up with a very cool cover idea, and now I have to find someone who can pull it off.

My priest mystery is back in the forefront. He's an exorcist who is on a leave of absence. His new punishment   assignment is religious education instructor at an all-girl high school. Sounds like a nightmare to me.

And I'm trying to clean up my digital profile. I hadn't even put any information in my Google profile, but then I saw that it had been viewed by over 60,000 people. (Or else my mother clicked on it 60,000 times.) Time to reward their efforts with some information, because I know it's frustrating to me when I try to look someone up and get nothing buy that shadowy avatar.

So, what has been going on with you? 


  1. Jacqueline, soooo know what you mean about time flying by! Although I must say, think you're getting a lot accomplished. Glad you're BACK! Now, if I could get motivated and do the same on my personal blog...sigh. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. A fun blog post, Jackie. Oh, my gosh, you have so many cool ideas. I'm still waiting for CIVILITY RULES, however. Love to see your Hubby's cover idea. Thanks for so much help on Writers in Residence tool. You are amazing. I just wish we could see you face-to-face sometime. Will you be coming to the California Crime Writers Conference? What a perfect time!

    1. Not going to make it to the conference. My gosh, I'm having enough trouble getting to (where is that restaurant located? Reseda?) I just have to find a cover artist who can pull it off. I hope you like the new version of Civility. I'm going to hire you to proof it when it's ready. :)