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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Frustrating Facebook Dilemma and Split Personalities

A few years back, I innocently started a Facebook page. If I'm honest, I think a friend told me about Farmville, and it was the only way I could play along with her. It was also a convenient place to catch up with my extended family and my writer friends, but soon there were too many posts to keep up with,

Then I got the bright idea to start the Jacqueline Vick - Author page, I'd be able to post updates to my writing and keep it separate from the social news coming from family and friends. I delved in without proper research, so I wound up with another page, not a fan page, that required a separate sign in.

Fast forward to the day I became an administrator on the St. Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Church Facebook page. I had to connect with an invite in order to be an administrator, Since it wouldn't work with my personal page,  I connected with my author page. For months, I was terrified to post anything on my own page for fear it would show up in St. Kateri's feed. And, as it took a different sign in, I stopped going to my personal page, which was where most of my contacts were.

I recently started a page for Walking Rosary Designs, my jewelry site. I discovered I could attach it to my author page and go back and forth between them. How cool! Except now I have too many pages to keep up with.

Do I annoy my friends and family by inviting them to my author page, where they will see posts about my writing? Or do I lump everyone into my personal page, and share my  attempts to make pretzels with my writing associates (some of whom are friends.)

Does anyone else have multiple pages? Have you figured out how to run the gauntlet without a complete meltdown?