A Romantic's Perspective on Valentine's Day

Jacquée T. lives life romantically. Through being a writer and imbiber of life. She is an authoress, and proprietress of Detour Productions. She is the former newspaper columnist for 'Letter from Chicago'. And the poetess of the book Growing Up (the pain, the joy, the discoveries) "Romance is a matter of perspective." she says.

I am pleased to welcome
Jacquée T.  to A Writer's Jumble just in time for St. Valentine's Day!  Remember to check out A Romantic's Perspective for suggestions on wine, cinema, and first dates!


I was excited to hear that you have recently teamed up with WREN Internet Radio out of Topeka, Kansas, for "A Romantic Moment" on Saturdays at 12:30 pm Central Time, USA. WREN Radio dates back to 1926, and in 2012 transformed to an all Internet station. They broadcast a classic radio OLDIES format.

How did you, in Chicago, connect with a radio station in Kansas?

I am on the road via a “Jacquée T. Writer in Residence expedition,” and featuring Kansas. “Writer in Residence” was initiated via my website A Romantic’s Perspective(.com) TRAVEL section.

Shortly after I arrived in Topeka, I discovered WREN on the Internet, and became a regular listener and fan. I would “tune them in” as I traveled to other parts of Kansas. I thought the station would be a fabulous match as a “Writer in Residence” sponsor. One time when back in Topeka, I approached the station owners Frank Chaffin and Les Glenn. They thought it would be a better idea to work together.

Ahh, serendipity! It so happened I had already started recordings for my “A romantic moment” concept and had the recordings filed in my computer. I presented the concept to Mr. Chaffin and Mr. Glenn. They thought it was a great fit for the Saturday Frankie C. Show. We started working together right away.

We are all excited about with this collaboration, discussing ways to further entwine Romantic’s and WREN.

Does the Oldies format make a good pairing with romance?

O, yes!

Firstly, WREN features oldies from the '50s, '60s and '70s. The majority of songs in these eras inspire folks to dance. And dancing is a titillating exchange between males and females.

Not that folks listening in are grabbing partners to dance. Although some might be. Others listening may reminded of times they have been dancing – whether they did when this music first came out, or they did after the music officially became Oldies. All this raises the spirits, and brings smiles.

Secondly, these featured eras present styles of music, lyrics and passion all their own. Their heydays are bygone and the styles cannot be reproduced. Yet the affect remains timeless in appealing to our emotions.

Thirdly, WREN Radio makes this music accessible, in classic car-radio style that includes live deejays. To boot, it’s on Internet radio to bring these eras to a modern day medium. ’Tis accessible to folks who listened to this music when it first came out, and to the younger generations who are discovering it.

The WREN Radio format crosses eras, and inspires its own brand of romance across generations. And now its songs and deejay voices are accessible globally. Romance is timeless, and is universally understood. Quite a nice fit.

The purpose of "A romantic moment" is to demonstrate to listeners simple ways to weave romance into their daily lives. Can you share a few tips?

’Tis my pleasure.

To live life romantically begins with you. Whether you are in a couple, or presently between relationships, you need to foremost nurture the romantic in yourself. From there you may enlighten others with your romantic attitude.

“A romantic moment” celebrates this, and how easy it is to add romance to your lifestyle.

Per each segment, I feature a subject, and for three to five minutes present suggestions to incorporate it into your attitude and your routine. This to add quality to your life and make it a little more romantic every day.

“Begin with you” is one of the earlier features. Here I suggest pausing to recognize what inspires you. Embrace the little things like a good cup of coffee, for example, or a clean desk. If you love coffee, find a favorite way to make your own – and do it. Savor it in the morning as part of your preparing for the day, or take it in a thermos to work to savor as you tend to your tasks.

If you feel comforted by working at a clean desk, pause to straighten it up, before lunch, or before finishing the workday – so that when you return your desk is in order and ready for you.

If you love to read, designate more time for it.

These are examples. You need to take note of things that add comfort to your day, and take time for them to make your days more fulfilling. Tend to the romantic in yourself, and sharing your romantic attitude with others will become second nature.

Another “A romantic moment” feature: “Gotta love chivalry.” Here I emphasize that chivalry is ver-ly much alive and urge both men and women to partake in the exchanges.

For example, one of the basics is a man opening the door for a woman. His gesture is not at-all implying “You can’t open your own door.” ’Tis expressing, “I respect you as a woman.”

The woman completes this exchange by accepting the gesture. She walks through that door, and perhaps offers the gent a smile or “thank you.”

Chivalry is an honoring of masculinity and femininity through small gestures that may be made wherever men and women commingle. Each time the exchange is completed adds a bit o’ romance to the air.

These are all aspects you may integrate into your days to make each day more romantic.

"A Romantic Moment" is sponsored by Avenue Hair Styling & Day Spa based in Topeka Kansas. And, sponsors with products available in stores and online: PINES International, based in Lawrence Kansas, Fabulous Florals based in California, Chilly Root Peony Farm in Alaska, and The Tasteful Olive, based in Topeka and Overland Park, Kansas.

How did you go about finding sponsors?

The main objective is to find businesses that complement the “A romantic moment” mission. I select businesses per an agenda of the “romantic” nature, and personally invite the owners to sponsorships.

Yet I do not invite a business per their niche alone. With each company I invite, I am ver-ly particular.

Examples: Flowers are romantic. However I do not invite just any florist. I seek out florists that provide locally grown and USA grown flowers. I also find flower farmers who are in the United States and offer flowers nationwide.

Cooking is a romantic part of life. And having the right supplies, like olive oil, is essential. Yet not just any olive oil. I find a business that knows olive oils, and takes mission to offer top quality products.

Eating healthy is romantic. It’s taking care of your body. I seek companies that have a dedicated, naturally-based mission that is carried out in the products they offer.

The next objective is geography. WREN Radio is based in Topeka, near the northeast corner of Kansas. So of course I seek regional businesses that fit my “romantic” agenda.

Plus WREN Internet Radio is accessible via the World Wide Web. They have a global audience, including active listeners in Europe. Yet at present the majority listenership is in the United States.

So I seek romantic and otherwise inspiring businesses throughout the United States – preferably ones that have a storefront or farm to visit plus option to order online.

These all represent aspects I consider before inviting a business owner to sponsorship. The ones who accept, of course, are truly romantic.

Sponsors sign on for four or more weeks at a time. We have a limited number of sponsors per segment. Therefore, as “A romantic moment, by Jacquée T.” continues, sponsors alternate.

Do you have any local events in the Chicago area planned in the near future?

As I am on the road, events in Chicago are presently not on the agenda. I am considering beginning a series of recording “A romantic moment” live in the communities I visit.

Any last minute words for us as we prepare for St. Valentine's Day weekend?

Indeed! Ladies and gentlemen, get out and celebrate – if you’re in a couple, and if you’re


Valentine’s Day is not a holiday that was invented to sell greeting cards. It dates back over 1,000 years in honor of St. Valentine. ’Tis said he performed secret marriages to couples in love – at a time the Roman Emperor prohibited marriage because he wanted men to dedicate their minds and their hearts 100% and only to war efforts.

St. Valentine defended romance because it is an integral part of human existence. On Valentine’s Day we honor him and honor romance.

For couples:

Fellows, take the initiative. Sweep your darling away to a lovely evening together. To some of you this may seem like much pressure, yet ’tisn’t. Simply pause to consider details to make this a special Valentine’s celebration.

You may orchestrate a “classic” date with a romantic dinner and a gift or two, or an interactive date.

Depending on the level of your relationship, the details of the date may vary. Perhaps ’tis a budding romance. Perhaps it seems like you have been lovebirds together forever. The main thing is compose this date to celebrate your romance. Once the date begins, focus on her. Do so with enthusiasm, and she will reciprocate, with rosy cheeks.

For singles:

You’re romantic! Seize this romantic holiday.

Compose a “singles only” gathering. Invite all your friends who are unattached, and have them invite all their unattached friends. Nudge them. Have them nudge their friends. Nobody stays home.

Make it a “red party.” Participants need to wear something red.

Host it it at your favorite Happy Hour place, wine bar, or other public venue that has space for mingling.

Or, host it at your place. If so, have folks bring something red, like red appetizers, or a red wine or liqueur.

While this “singles only” Valentine’s gathering does not promise meeting the love of your life, it does promote a hearty mix of fellows and gals who are between relationships, to mingle, and flirt per whim. It promotes laughing, and rosy cheeks.

In summary, I gotta say, celebrate romance every day, through your attitude and little things you do. And for Valentine’s day, definitely celebrate it to honor romance, as romance is a fabulous part of life.

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  1. What a charming read. I still use candles on the table though I have started using LED ones that last forever and because the cost of real candles is ridiculous. I want a romantic table because it shows my husband I still care after nearly thirty years. Good luck with your project.

  2. Fabulous! That's very romantically thoughtful. By the by, I find that all natural candles, especially beeswax candles, are a great bargain. They burn slowly, therefore last longer. They are elegant, and some say beeswax candles purify the air around them.
    Thank you for your comment. I invite you to listen to 'A romantic moment' on WREN Internet Radio. Tomorrow's feature: "To be romantic!"
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I love Jacquee's take on Romantic writing - but then I could tell she was sweet and wholesome by her pic. (That was a compliment!!) Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Have a fabulous Valentine's weekend!

  4. Enjoyed your post, Jacquee. Particularly since I'm a Chicago native, and my wedding anniversary is Valentine's Day (1969). Oddly though, neither of us do much as far as "romantic" displays of affection, but you never know...(smile) Perfect post for this weekend. Nice meeting you, and much success.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    Clearly a marriage that has lasted as long as yours has a hearty foundation. And I extend a heartful congratulations!
    By saying you and your darling don't do much as far as romantic "displays" of affection -- what do you mean?
    You don't hold hands on a regular basis? You don't celebrate Valentine's Day together? You don't pause to celebrate your anniversary together?
    Each of these are not displays; they are ways to celebrate your ver-ly personal and ver-ly unique relationship.
    When folks decline to opt for these gestures, my question is, "why?"
    'Tis a pleasure to meet you, also. I wish you and your husband many more years of happiness together.


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